Terry has traveled the world directing commercials, but loves to work in LA so he can attend his kids' sporting events.

He left his former life as an advertising creative, to launch his directing career with the spot “First Look” for the Mill Valley Film Festival. The work was honored by the AICP and is on permanent collection in the Museum of Modern Art. His marriage of rich visual storytelling, cinematic style and character-driven comedy are the cornerstones of an eclectic reel. He also takes pictures and writes stories to ease his restless mind. After all, there's only so much Playstation one should play.

Terry can be a boring dinner party guest unless the conversation revolves around film or football and then he is insightful, knowledgeable and ridiculously charming. He usually hits his free throws and has always written to woo his wife. 

He's had mixed results in the wooing, but remains steadfast. God loves an optimist.

     photo   by Grace Rietta     It's a little soft, but so am I.

     photo by Grace Rietta
   It's a little soft, but so am I.